How do you hook up centurylink internet

how do you hook up centurylink internet

How do I connect my CenturyLink router to the Internet?

Set up your Wi-Fi connection To set up your CenturyLink Wi-Fi connection, locate the network name and password on the back of your modem. Use this info to connect to the wireless network. Once connected, open your web browser and visit to complete the setup.

How does CenturyLink modem work?

The modem connects your home to CenturyLink’s network. It usually features a built-in router, which connects all of the devices in your home to the Wi-Fi. Placing the modem in a centralized, well-ventilated space helps devices throughout the home connect to the internet.

How long does it take to activate CenturyLink Internet?

Activating CenturyLink internet should take about fifteen minutes. With your modem set up, open a web browser. A CenturyLink welcome screen will pop up. Follow the screen’s prompts to activate your CenturyLink internet service. If you would like to set up a wireless network, follow CenturyLink’s instructions.

How do I connect to a non-CenturyLink modem?

If you are using a non-CenturyLink modem, you will need to chat with us to get credentials (PPoE, vpi/vci, and password), which you will manually enter to your modem using the GUI. You wont be able to connect your modem without these credentials.

How to log in to a CenturyLink router?

How to Log in to a CenturyLink Router. 1 Connect to a network. Connect to your Century Link network. You can use WiFi or an Ethernet cable to connect. 2 Access the CenturyLink router login with 3 Enter your username and password. 4 Change your CenturyLink router password. 5 Speed up your WiFi connection.

How to bypass CenturyLink modem with TP-Link?

If you want to use your own hardware bypassing CenturyLink’s modem, please follow the steps as below. Step 1: Call CenturyLink for your PPPoE credentials. Step 2: Remove the CenturyLink modem, plug the Ethernet cable from ONT in the WAN port of your TP-Link wireless router instead.

How much does it cost to install a CenturyLink modem?

Usually CenturyLink will also install their own modem in your house to provide Wi-Fi networks and make you pay around $10/month for the device. You may have the following two topologies when configuring your TP-Link wireless router with CenturyLink’s fiber service.

How does CenturyLink’s fiber internet work?

When you sign up for CenturyLink’s fiber internet service (FTTH), they’ll install an optical network terminal (ONT) somewhere in your house that converts the fiber optical into an Ethernet cable. Usually CenturyLink will also install their own modem in your house to provide Wi-Fi networks and make you pay around $10/month for the device.

How do I connect my modem to the CenturyLink network?

Connect your modem to a power outlet and a phone jack. Contact CenturyLink tech support to find out if your modem is talking to the CenturyLink network, and to get the credentials to enter to your modem.

Can I use a third-party MoDem with CenturyLink?

We cannot guarantee that third-party modems will work with the CenturyLink network, because they have not been tested. You will receive only limited technical support from CenturyLink if you have service issues related to a third-party modem. Third-party equipment is not covered under CenturyLink’s equipment replacement program.

Why is my CenturyLink router not connecting to the Internet?

Verify that the routers Local (LAN) IP is set to something other than CenturyLink™ suggests Test your connection by opening a web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox etc) and going to a webpage. (

How long do I have to return my CenturyLink modem?

Important note: If you are canceling service and you lease your modem, or if you are ordering a replacement CenturyLink modem, you must return your current modem within 30 days to avoid equipment charges of up to $200. Discover CenturyLink residential home internet services.

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