Dating someone with marfan syndrome

dating someone with marfan syndrome

Are people with Marfan syndrome born with it?

People with Marfan syndrome are born with it, but features of the condition are not always present right away. Some people have a lot of Marfan features at birth or as young children – including serious conditions like aortic enlargement.

Is there any treatment for Marfan syndrome?

Even though heart and blood vessel problems affect about 9 out of every 10 people diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, there is good news. If you get diagnosed, you have a lot of options, including having surgery, taking medications and changing your physical activities. With treatment, you have a good chance of avoiding a life-threatening situation.

Who are some famous athletes with Marfan syndrome?

He was an ace basketball player from the United States who showed great resilience and achieved the impossible. He was born in 1993 and was regarded as a first-round prospect in NBA until he was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome in 2014. 2. Michael Phelps (1985) Michael Phelps was born in 1985 and was a victim of Marfan syndrome.

Are stretch marks a sign of Marfan syndrome?

People with Marfan syndrome are prone to develop stretch marks, often at an early age and without weight change. The marks tend to appear in body parts subject to stress, such as the shoulders, hips, and lower back.Although some people don’t like the way the stretch marks look, they do not pose any health risk and do not require treatment.

What causes Marfan syndrome?

Marfan syndrome is a condition you are born with. It is caused by a mutations, or change, in a genes, called the fibrillin-1 (FBN1) gene. The FBN1 gene makes fibrillin-1, which is a protein that forms elastic fibers within connective tissue to support your bones, muscles, and organs.

What are the chances of having Marfan syndrome?

However, some people with Marfan syndrome are the first in their family to have it. This is called a spontaneous mutation. Each child of an affected parent has a 50% chance of inheriting Marfan syndrome by passing on the genetic mutation. People with Marfan syndrome are born with it, but features of the condition are not always immediately clear.

Does Marfan syndrome affect intelligence?

The lungs, skin, and nervous system may also be affected. Marfan syndrome does not affect intelligence. What are the Key Features of Marfan Syndrome? Marfan syndrome and related conditions affect the body’s connective tissue.

What is the protein that plays a role in Marfan syndrome?

The protein that plays a role in Marfan syndrome is called fibrillin-1. Marfan syndrome is caused by a defect (or mutation) in the gene that tells the body how to make fibrillin-1. This mutation results in an increase in a protein called transforming growth factor beta, or TGF-β.

Where do stretch marks appear with Marfan syndrome?

If you have Marfan syndrome, stretch marks are most likely to appear on your: 1 shoulders. 2 hips. 3 lower back.

What are the signs and symptoms of Marfan syndrome?

Harder-to-detect signs of Marfan syndrome include heart problems, especially those related to the aorta, the large blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart to the rest of the body.

Can Cushing’s cause stretch marks?

Cushing’s syndrome, Marfan’s syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and other adrenal gland disorders can cause stretch marks by increasing the amount of cortisone in your body. Who is at risk for developing stretch marks?

Why do I have stretch marks?

They can appear when you gain or lose weight quickly, when you have a growth spurt during childhood, or during pregnancy. People with Marfan syndrome often develop stretch marks because the tissue in their skin is weakened and the skin is not as elastic as it should be. If you have Marfan syndrome, stretch marks are most likely to appear on your:

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