Dating a great guy reddit

dating a great guy reddit

Is it weird if a guy is nice all the time?

He’s nice all the time. Someone being nice all the time shouldn’t be weird. But when you aren’t used to it, it’s tough to simply accept. But then you realize this is how relationships are supposed to be.

How do you know if you’re falling for a guy?

So you’re cautious but this guy teaches you, you don’t need to be. 8. He shows you he won’t hurt you. It makes you scared letting someone in but more than that what scares you is the fact you’re falling for this guy. 9. That first fight you think will end it but it doesn’t.

How do you know if a man really loves you?

And respects you. He respects who you are as a person, the things you are interested in and constantly is there to show you he cares. 14. You realize how one person can change your life. You find yourself talking about him more, smiling more. Just really happier than you’ve ever been and he’s to blame for it.

Can a nice guy take no for an answer?

He can take no for an answer. Real nice guys don’t try to manipulate you into saying yes. If you decline or reject their offer, they respectfully accept your decision. He isn’t going to make you feel bad for being honest, and he’s not going to change your mind.

What happens when a guy is a fake nice guy?

He isn’t going to make you feel bad for being honest, and he’s not going to change your mind. A fake nice guy might try to convince you to change your mind, and if you don’t, he might end up insulting you as a result of being rejected.

What makes a guy a “good guy”?

The first of which is the fact that he’s a self-proclaimed “good guy” who’s obviously doing something not good. The logic gets worse from there. Let’s break it down, shall we? 1. He has to tell you he’s a nice guy Good guys don’t walk around telling you how good they are and just expect you to take them at their word; they show you. 2.

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